Independent Estimating

Independent estimating based on first principles

Independent Estimating

Project estimates are an essential element of all projects from the initial project inception to verify the feasibility of an investment through to business case development and funding approval.

At every phase of the project lifecycle consistent and accurate reporting of the project outturn costs is essential for management to make sensible and informed decisions. 


Our team of professionals have the skills necessary to interpret and appreciate the required project outturn costs through the development and review of detailed first principles estimates. 

We have supported clients in both the review and development of first principles estimates for complex projects under various forms of delivery models including Construct Only, Design & Construct, Alliance and Private Public Partnerships (PPP). 


We support our Clients by:

  • Providing independent Cost Benchmarking / Order of Magnitude Estimates 
  • Developing risk adjusted Concept Estimates to inform Business Case