Procurement & Transacting

Strategic Partnering

Strategic Partnering

Tell Advisory has unique expertise in developing procurement and transaction delivery strategies that provide the greatest reliability in achieving project objectives. Our expertise ranges from conventional delivery contracts to performance-based design and construct contracts, BOOT schemes, Early Tenderer Involvement and Alliances. 



    Our firm has provided both management and hands-on resources for the development and documentation of the transaction and procurement strategies.  We work in a collaborative and integrative manner with our clients when developing, co-ordinating and administering transaction management services.  This ensures the best outcomes for client organisations and projects. 



      In many cases we have also managed or provided key personnel to support project delivery.

      We have been involved in the procurement and transaction management of many billions of dollars worth of infrastructure – both individual projects, programs and portfolios. Tell Advisory has provided a sophisticated advisory service in the delivery of:

      • Brisbane Metro Project
      • Rookwood Weir
      • NSW CSSI Dams Programme
      • Land400 Phase 2 – Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence  (MILVEHCOE) 
      • Support for private sector bid teams