Construction Sector

We have a wide range of experience in the construction sector, providing quality project outcomes.

Construction Sector Government Private

Construction Sector Skills

Our construction clients from both government and private sector partner with us to develop and deliver efficient and sustainable solutions for construction projects. Our team of construction experts have worked on some of the largest projects in Australia, playing vital roles in the delivery of a variety of complex projects.

Our construction clients appreciate our expertise and partner with us to maximise the proficiency and success of their projects.

We support these projects with a wide range of skills including:

  • Project definition
  • Planning
  • Contract definition
  • Scheduling
  • Budget development
  • Project delivery
  • Constructability advice

Construction Sector Experience

Our broad construction experience means that we understand the challenges that arise in construction from both the client and contractor’s perspective. The issues that we see in complex projects include:

  • Bespoke funding arrangements
  • Uncertain approval requirements
  • Ambiguous scope and project requirements
  • Difficult site conditions
  • Unclear handover expectations

What do these issues cost your organisation?

What would a streamlined, well defined project analysis and delivery mean for your project?

Failing to deliver a project on time and within budget will result in poor value for money outcomes and damaged relationships between the stakeholders.

Tell Advisory’s team of professionals support your goals by providing leadership, capability, and experience. Our team have hands-on experience in all stages of a project’s life cycle. We can assist you from the first stages of project definition and planning right throughout project delivery.

Construction Sector Projects

Construction projects need expert skills and experience. Our skills and broad experience enable you to achieve successful project definition and delivery.

We have been involved in a large number of successful construction projects including:

Construction Sector Satellite Hospitals Program

Satellite Hospitals Program

Department Energy and Public Works
Construction Sector Integrated Clinical Oncology Network


Integrated Clinical Oncology Network Pty Ltd.
Construction Sector Brisbane Metro Project

Brisbane Metro Project

Brisbane City Council
Construction Sector GPT Property Group

111 Eagle Street

GPT Property Group
Construction Sector QUT Science Technology Precinct

QUT Science and Technology Precinct

Construction Sector Toowoomba Regional Council

New Principal Depot

Toowoomba Regional Council
Construction Sector Nineteenth Avenue Cabana


Nineteenth Ave
Construction Sector Queensland Treasury Military Vehicle

Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence

Queensland Treasury

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