Transaction Management

We apply our transaction management expertise to position projects for success.

Transaction Management Infrastructure Experience

Transaction Management

Our Transaction Management clients need well considered and effective solutions to deliver infrastructure. They choose us because we have experience on large projects and understand the market. We apply our expertise to position projects for success.

Tell Advisory provide independent advice and develop Transaction Management solutions that are risk balanced to achieve the client’s needs and project objectives.

We work with Government and private sector clients who value our diverse experience including our contracting background.

Timely and strategic advice, provides confidence in the approach which leads to the most beneficial transaction outcomes for our clients.

Sectors We Work In

Our clients utilise our expertise and experience across a range of sectors including:

Transaction Management Expertise

Clients rely upon our expertise to:

  • Provide strategic transaction advice.
  • Develop a strategy for market engagement.
  • Evaluate project proposals and associated risk and commercials.
  • Facilitate transaction activities.
  • Provide independent reviews of proposed transaction activities.
  • Undertake market sounding.
  • Document and present their project to market and attract interest.

What are your challenges?

What are the challenges in your current or upcoming transactions and/or procurement that you need to address?

Are you ready to commission a specialist team to analyse your problem, determine risk and market expectations to assist you to develop and deliver the best solution?

Transaction Management Challenges

In our experience, challenges faced by our clients include:


Poor project definition

Without adequate documentation describing the project, transaction outcomes may be compromised. This includes limited design detail, estimate definition and clarity of schedule.

Optimism or bias in the transaction process

Personal experiences or political expectations drive the process rather than having an objective and a well considered transaction approach.

Developing transaction in isolation

Transaction strategies which don’t take into account other stakeholders and market feedback.

Inadequate processes

Existing processes which are immature or poorly resourced.

Personnel skills and experience

Personnel without sufficient skills, knowledge and experience to support the required processes.

Delivery challenges and risks

Incomplete or poor assessments of the project construction and delivery challenges.
Transaction Management Solutions

Our Transaction Management Solutions

Our significant Transaction Management experience combined with our ability to adapt quickly means that we can develop high quality, tailored outcomes for our clients.

Our Transaction Management services include:

  • Delivery strategy development
  • Strategic commercial advice and negotiation
  • Governance processes
  • Commercial framework development
  • Risk management
  • Market Sounding

How We Consistently Deliver Transaction Management Solutions

Our team of qualified and experienced experts not only have a strong set of technical skills required to develop your solution, we also display the attributes required to connect stakeholders and guide project managers. These attributes include:

Transaction Management Solutions Collaborative


Transaction Management Solutions Creative


Transaction Management Solutions Responsive


Transaction Management Solutions Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

Transaction Management Solutions Adaptable


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We understand that as projects become more complex, the need for Transaction Management with attention to detail, while keeping sight of the bigger picture, is critical for your success.