Strategic Procurement

Providing unique expertise in procurement strategies that will meet project objectives reliably & efficiently.

Strategic Procurement Advice

Strategic procurement involves developing the optimal approach to procure a new asset or associated infrastructure. At Tell Advisory, we use our deep industry knowledge to inform the development of procurement strategies that provide clients with value for money outcomes. Our clients work with us for our expertise in:

  • Facilitating procurement workshops
  • Communicating and negotiating with suppliers
  • Complex commercial negotiations
  • Contemporary market practices and expectations
  • Managing risk in procurement
  • Traditional and collaborative delivery contract types
Strategic Procurement Advice

Challenges Faced In Strategic Procurement

Tell Advisory provides unique expertise in the development of procurement strategies that will meet project objectives reliably and efficiently. Our staff are equipped with commercial and management skills, as well as hands-on construction knowledge and experience. We understand the problems that arise when it comes to procurement and offer strategies to combat these issues. Common challenges that clients ask us to assist with include:

  • Finding effective and efficient ways to procure major projects
  • Managing engagement, negotiation and transaction with contractors and designers
  • Obtaining effective risk sharing arrangements with contract counterparties
  • Navigating complex commercial negotiations
  • Uncertainties around those with whom they are trying to negotiate
  • Understanding contemporary market practices or expectations
Strategic Procurement Projects Value Integrated Site

For those who do not handle these kinds of procurement for bespoke or particularly large projects regularly, it can be intimidating and complex to navigate. Our experience in the private sector (on the other side of the negotiation) allows us to understand both sides and address expectations, fears, risks, desires, and strategies across counterparties. We ensure that:

  • Deadlines are met
  • Budgets are maintained
  • Independence and good governance are maintained
  • Surprises and delays are minimised
  • We have the right people to do the job
  • Value for money outcomes are achieved
  • We engage with our clients in an integrated and collaborative way so that they can learn and stay involved from start to finish

Professional Team

With increasing demand to consider a broad range of factors such as consumer needs and expectations, sustainability, total cost of ownership and transparency requirements, a more strategic approach to procurement and sourcing is absolutely necessary.
Tell Advisory work collaboratively with our clients to develop high quality technical and commercial documentation that is used to engage the market responsible for delivering the services required to meet the project objectives.

Strategic Procurement Experience

Our experience in procuring high profile developments with billions of dollars worth of infrastructure over a range of sectors means that we are equipped for any project. We have provided advisory services in the delivery of:

Strategic Procurement Cross River Rail Delivery Authority

Gold Coast Infill Stations

Cross River Rail Delivery Authority
Strategic Procurement Gladstone Area Water Board

Fitzroy Gladstone Pipeline

Gladstone Area Water Board
Strategic Procurement Brisbane City Council Bridge

Kangaroo Point Green Bridge

Brisbane City Council
Strategic Procurement Brisbane Metro Project

Brisbane Metro Project

Brisbane City Council
Strategic Procurement Rookwood Weir Sunwater

Rookwood Weir

Strategic Procurement Wyangala Dam Alliance

Wyangala Dam Alliance

Strategic Procurement Queensland Treasury MILVEHCOE

Queensland Treasury

Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence (MILVEHCOE)
Strategic Procurement Paradise Dam Essential Works

Paradise Dam Essential Works


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