Project Delivery

We have a wide range of experience in project delivery, providing quality project outcomes.

Our Project Delivery

Our clients from all levels of Government Departments, Government Owned Corporations and Tier 1 Contractors appreciate the need for experienced professionals to lead or assist their project teams.

We partner with our clients to deliver effective and timely projects utilising our experience and core skills such as:



Effective and timely communication throughout the project delivery process is often the difference between a successful and unsuccessful project. Negotiation skills and conflict resolution abilities form a large part of the work we do.


Combining effective communication with scheduling, resource planning, realistic timeframes and a deep analysis of the project requirements keeps the project on track and meeting targets.


Looking at project issues from a different perspective requires creativity and outside the box thinking. Project Managers are often too buried in the day to day management of a project and have difficulty finding unique and creative solutions, which are often required for the success of large scale infrastructure projects.


A deep understanding of the project requirements can only be achieved with effective research. We never seek to reinvent the wheel when existing solutions are able to resolve your project challenges.

What is it costing your organisation to have project delays and miscommunication between project stakeholders?

What would it mean to have your project back on track, not just in terms of the bigger picture, but every step planned out with a detailed solution?

Your Project Delivery Challenges

In our experience, challenges faced by our clients generally fall into one of four categories:


Over Budget

Projects can easily go over budget due to unfeasible cost estimates. Cost estimation is a very important part of the project development process. Utilising expert advice to develop comprehensive cost estimates will help determine why a project is over budget and provide a realistic forecast of future costs.


Outside Of Schedule

When a project schedule is extended, further costs are introduced as more resources are required. Poorly defined project scope and lack of communication will cause your project to exceed it’s schedule and budget allocations.

Lack Of Quality

Poor quality control within a project can lead to low quality work. Breaching of standards and shortcuts taken are less likely to be detected without enough resources and people allocated to routinely check the quality of the work throughout the project.

Constructability Issues

All aspects of safety, scheduling, design, infrastructure needs and project team organisation are evident in constructability issues which may cause delay, unsafe working conditions, additional costs and reduced quality amongst other issues.

Our Project Delivery Solutions

One of the most critical aspects of project delivery is managing the relationships between all of the project stakeholders and construction teams. Many projects fail due to miscommunication and not due to any technical reason. Our exceptional communication skills ensure that all members of the project team are kept up to date and working together to achieve the project outcomes.

We are committed to the successful completion of your project, while controlling risk and minimising uncertainty. We will ensure your project is strongly delivered across all areas including:

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Execution
  • Monitoring
  • Controlling
  • Closure
Project Delivery Skills

Project Delivery Skills

What skills should you look for when choosing a project delivery partner? We believe the following skills are essential:

  • Project Overview
  • Project Checks/Reviews
  • Documentation Delivery
  • Task Management
  • Monitoring & Checking Schedules
  • Project Control
  • Risk Control
  • Project Delivery Tools
  • Process Delivery
  • Resource Monitoring & Mobilisation

How We Consistently Deliver High Quality Projects

Our team of qualified and experienced experts not only have a strong set of technical skills required to deliver your project, we also display the attributes required to connect stakeholders and steer project managers. These attributes include:

  • Negotiation Skills
  • Leadership
  • Approachability
  • Diplomacy
  • Teamwork
  • Prioritisation
  • Critical Thinking
  • Adaptability
Our commitment to delivering your project and achieving the project objectives, within budget and on schedule, is our strength. We understand that as projects become more complex, the need for a project delivery manager who can see the big picture, while remaining focused on the details of the project, is critical for your success.

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