Defence Sector

We have a wide range of experience in the defence sector, providing quality project outcomes.

Common Defence Sector Challenges

Maintaining Australia’s Defence capability relies upon well considered delivery of program of works to meet the operational needs of the department and their major contractors.

Our integrated and collaborative approach delivers solutions to support the sustainability and capability of the Australian Government’s Defence Estate. Our clients partner with us to maximise value for money and seek innovation from the industry.

From our experience the challenges faced in this Sector include:


Aging Assets

The Defence Estate contains a number of aging assets that need to be re-purposed or re-developed which raises a number of challenges. This includes future proofing existing Estate assets and planning for the development and integration of new assets.

Strategic Changes

Strategic changes can result in significant impacts on the Defence Estate. This requires dynamic and innovative development of assets to maintain operational capabilities.


Defence is heavily reliant on OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers), MSP (Major Service Providers), and professional services firms to support the delivery of their programs. Inadequate coordination of these suppliers can create delays and failure to meet milestones.

Budget Over-runs

High investment in large infrastructure assets challenges the Defence budget allocations and management. Due to the large size and complexity of the programs there are significant interfaces and risks which are difficult to adequately define in budgets.

Our Defence Solutions

Tell Advisory’s experts understand the need for effective and sustainable solutions for the Defence Sector. Our experience enables clients to effectively manage the risks associated with the development and delivery of Defence projects.

Recognising the complexities of a wide range of projects and understanding the associated infrastructure is imperative to successful programs. We develop solutions to meet the Defence Estate requirements through all project phases.

Tell Advisory’s professional team provides:

  • Alignment between strategic requirements
  • Project constructability expertise and advice
  • Assistance to Defence becoming a well-informed purchaser of infrastructure-related services
  • Reduced timeframes and costs
  • Accurate budgeting and timelines
  • Practical experience and knowledge of Defence policies, procedures and unique requirements

What Is Preventing Your Defence Project From Progressing?

  • Stalled projects due to site access and design issues?
  • Inability of key stakeholders to agree the scope?
  • Budget and resource constraints?
  • Ineffective communication?
  • Construction and Procurement issues?

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Defence Sector Projects

Our expert team have broad experience in Defence projects, including the following:

Defence Sector MILVEHCOE

Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence (MILVEHCOE)


Defence Sector RAAF Amberley Battlefield Airlifter Project

RAAF Amberley Battlefield Airlifter Project


Defence Sector RAAF Amberley Super Hornets Project

RAAF Amberley Super Hornets Project


Defence Sector RAAF Amberley Support Battalion

RAAF Amberley 9th Force Support Battalion


Defence Sector RAAF Tindal Redevelopment

RAAF Tindal Redevelopment


Defence Sector Kuttabul Puckapunyal Townsville Oakey Darwin

Master Planning At A Range Of Sites

Including HMAS Kuttabul, Puckapunyal Military Area, Townsville, Oakey and Darwin

Defence Sector Defence Estate Strategic Planning

Long-term Strategic Planning Analysis Of Defence Training Area

Estate Strategic Planning

Defence Sector Business Delivery Capability Estate Projects

Business Case Delivery For Capability And Estate Projects

Estate Strategic Planning

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We understand that attention to detail and strategy are imperative to developing effective programs and delivering infrastructure. Assisting our Defence clients to both understand and overcome challenges is where our expertise lies.