Water Sector

We have a wide range of experience in the water sector, providing quality project outcomes.

Water Sector Services

At Tell Advisory, we use strategy and professional skills to help our clients plan, procure and deliver water projects of high priority and high risk. We provide effective solutions and portfolio-wide support to secure the future of the water sector. Our work encompasses water storage (dams and weirs), water transportation (pipelines) and water treatment facilities.

Clients look to Tell Advisory to deliver a range of expert and pertinent advisory services including:

  • Project definition
  • Delivery planning
  • Cost management
  • Procurement
  • Project controls
  • Project governance

Water Sector Challenges

Working with clients in an integrated team allows us to develop the best project solutions. We understand the special risk profiles that many projects in the water sector present and ensure we are adaptable to overcome the challenges. The most common challenges we see our clients face in the water sector include:

Water Sector Challenges Inundation Flooding

Inundation & flooding

Water Sector Challenges Construction Staging

Construction staging

Water Sector Challenges Complex Stakeholder Issues

Complex stakeholder issues

Water Sector Challenges Site Limitations

Site limitations

Water Sector Challenges Material Availability

Material availability

Water assets present unique risks and have long life spans which means it is essential they have a robust design and are constructed to a high standard. Water storage assets are typically “referrable” meaning they retain an amount of water that places downstream populations at risk. It is crucial to develop quality solutions that meet legislative requirements and community expectations.

Our broad experience in the water sector means we understand how to deliver quality outcomes for our clients. Our learnings from a diverse range of successful water infrastructure projects also ensures optimal risk management and delivery certainty.

Water Sector Expertise

Tell Advisory has the professional skills and experience needed to provide exceptional water services that satisfy the changing demands of today’s society. Our team has worked in and around water infrastructure assets for many years, so we understand the unique requirements to ensure positive outcomes.

With a focus on strategy and adaptability, our team ensures our clients concerns are met with in-depth solutions that are efficient and resilient. We assist our clients throughout the planning, design, and development stages providing assistance in:

  • Commercial support
  • Scope and design management
  • Market engagement
  • Cost estimating
  • Scheduling
  • Risk management
  • Governance and delivery strategies

Water Sector Projects

The Tell Advisory team have been involved in a number of successful projects including:

Water Sector Gladstone Area Water Board

Fitzroy to Gladstone Pipeline

Gladstone Area Water Board

Water Sector Rookwood Weir Sunwater

Rookwood Weir


Water Sector Essential Works Sunwater

Paradise Dam Essential Works


Water Sector Dam Wall Raising NSW

Wyangala Dam Wall Raising


Water Sector Dungowan Pipeline

Dungowan Pipeline


Water Sector SEQ Toowoomba Warwick Pipeline

Toowoomba to Warwick Pipeline


Water Sector Broken Hill Pipeline NSW

Broken Hill Pipeline


Water Sector Warragamba Dam Raising NSW

Warragamba Dam Raising


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